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Comprehensive estate planning covers nearly every aspect of life. It begins with protecting yourself and your personal dignity, and extends to protecting your loved ones and your hard-earned assets.

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Elder Law

At Parks & Jones we are devoted to providing viable solutions to safeguard your assets given the high cost of long-term and nursing home care. We focus on tangible solutions to lessen the burden for individuals and families concerned about future nursing home costs, or who may already be facing these costs.
Learn more about Elder Law.

What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is an area of our law firm’s practice addressing the issues associated with aging. These areas include Medical Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Retirement Planning (What to do with your IRA, etc.), Life Insurance, and the prospect of long-term care and nursing home expenses.
Learn more about what Elder Law is.

Proactive Planning

In today’s ever changing healthcare climate, it is difficult to plan for one’s potential long-term healthcare. Healthcare costs, especially long-term nursing home costs, are on the rise and the planning tools to deal with this risk are complicated.
Learn more about being Proactive in Elder Law.

Crisis Planning

Sometimes the inevitability of long-term care sneaks up on a family and they find themselves at the nursing home door wondering what will happen to them or their loved one and to his or her assets. In this context, there are several tools and strategies available to provide some if not complete protection of assets.
Learn more about Crisis Planning.

Estate Planning

Together with our client we will create and implement an estate plan that protects and provides for you and your family. Smart estate planning must be flexible to account for life’s changes whether the changes are personal, such as the ability to change or add beneficiaries, or prompted by external circumstances, such as changes in the law.
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What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a process of determining WHO will receive your property and assets after your death and WHEN and HOW the transfer will occur. No matter how little or much a person owns this is called their estate, therefore, everyone has an estate and needs to make a plan for how it will be distributed.
Learn more about what Estate Planning is.

Who Needs Estate Planning?

Everyone needs estate planning. Estate planning is a general term that applies to all types of people in all walks of life. No one’s estate plan is exactly the same. At our office we work with you to tailor design your estate plan to you and your families needs and goals.
Learn more about who needs Estate Planning.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here is a lawyerly answer, “It depends!” Without knowing you and your specific situation here is some important information on the issue of attorney’s fees at our law firm.
Learn more about the cost of Estate Planning.

Estate Planning Tools

Designing the right plan for a particular client is like when a builder knows which tools to use in constructing the perfect home. Once we have carefully listened to and understood our client’s situation, we go about the business of crafting the right plan.
Learn more about Estate Planning Tools.

Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection is essentially about empowering clients to preserve their wealth. There are a multitude of tools clients can use to accomplish this goal. Our job is to meet with you and understand your unique set of circumstances and craft a plan that suits your situation. Essentially, our job is to put you and your family in control of your property and financial affairs.
Learn more about Wealth Protection.

Probate & Trust Administration

At Parks & Jones, we offer a comprehensive array of estate, probate, and trust administrative services; from pre-administrative consultation, to overseeing the proper distribution of your estate, to the final accounting and closing of the estate. Even if the estate avoids probate, we offer services assisting your fiduciary in making sure your estate is handled just as you had planned.
Learn more about Probate and Estate & Trust Administration.

Business Law

When it comes to business law, today’s businesses are often confronted with issues such as appropriate choice of entity, employment matters, state and federal filings and real estate considerations. At Parks & Jones, we assist businesses in a variety of ways; from implementing the founder’s vision of the business to the orderly succession of ownership.
Learn more about Business Law.

Business Succession

If you are starting to think about retirement, then it is also time to think about business succession. You can try to tackle this on your own, but your best bet is enlisting the assistance of an experienced business succession attorney. He or she will have the background and skills to help you plan for the future, putting you and your business in the best position for a profitable and smooth transition when that time comes.
Find out how we can help you preserve your family business.

1031 Exchanges

If you had the chance, wouldn’t you prefer to defer paying your taxes? They’re costly, frustrating, and just so, well, taxing! That’s why 1031 exchanges are so convenient when selling certain kinds of real estate.
Learn more about 1031 Exchanges.

Estate Tax Planning

A regular visit with your attorney helps ensure that your estate plan would still work as originally designed and provides an opportunity to make any needed course corrections based on your present situation and your future estate tax planning goals.
Learn more about Estate Tax Planning.

Special Needs Planning

Special needs is the broad category of requirements and care for individuals suffering from a wide range of physical disabilities, medical conditions, intellectual difficulties, or emotional problems, including physical conditions, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems.
Learn more about Missouri Special Needs.

Charitable Planning

Charitable gift planning can be simple a simple process. For example, you can write a check, hand over cash, transfer stock or sign a quit-claim deed to real estate directly to the charity of your choosing. On the other hand, there are more involved strategies whereby you can give and receive depending on your unique circumstances.
Learn more about Charitable Giving Strategies.

Veterans Benefits

One of the hardest things to know about Veteran's Benefits is that there are so many things that you possibly do not know. Accordingly, the best approach is to gather up all of your paperwork and spend some time discussing the situation with an attorney experienced in this area. It is essential that you have skilled legal counsel who has been through this arduous government process numerous times.
Learn more about Veteran's Aid and Attendance.

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