Monthly Archives: February 2015

When you don’t know where else to turn, look to the facts. Cold, hard, unflinching facts and statistics. As long as you understand the details behind the statistics and agree with the methods used, they can give you great insight into a situation. So today, we’re delving into some estate planning statistics that reveal how Americans […]

If your spouse passed away in the last three years, the IRS is offering a potential estate tax break for your estate. However, you need to act quickly if you want to take advantage of it. One of the newer and better provisions in tax law is that you can take advantage of any portion […]

Probate: it’s costly, lengthy, taxing, and, thankfully, avoidable. Although no one likes to think about their death, it’s important that you consider what will someday happen to your assets before that fateful day occurs. The probate procedure, in which debts are paid, paperwork is filed, and assets are distributed to beneficiaries, is an important part of […]