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Have you ever wondered what happens to your Internet accounts when you die (or become disabled)? Assuming you've been very prudent and private with your passwords, no one will be able to login to your online accounts. Your e-mail, social media, e-commerce sites, and all other online accounts protected by an encrypted password will be […]

Did you know that the average cost of one year in a nursing home is $83,000? That's nearly $7,000 a month! Paying for a nursing home can be very difficult, especially if your long-term care insurance is cost prohibitive or if you are uninsurable. However, by working with an attorney experienced in elder law, you […]

Although most of us prefer not to think about it, we’re growing a little older every day. Unfortunately, too many people ignore their advancing age, avoiding consideration of the legal issues which could affect them greatly in their later years. Those issues, often grouped together under the term “elder law,” will affect what happens to […]

It's an exciting time for our office.  As you know, Cameron G. Jones started working with us in 2010, and now nearly 3 years later he is getting his name on the door!  After 20 years of “R. Clancy Parks, Attorney at Law”, our firm name is now officially, “Parks & Jones, Attorneys at Law”.  […]