Having a power of attorney arrangement in place is a smart move for a number of reasons. First, a power of attorney is one of the most flexible estate planning tools available. You may use it to empower your agent to make either medical or financial decisions (or both) on your behalf. Second, you can […]

Many people think (incorrectly) that estate planning and crisis planning only concern end-of-life decisions and what happens to your possessions when you die. In reality, they encompass much more than that. There are several estate planning tools that can prove invaluable during your life, particularly in the event that you become incapacitated and can no […]

Making gifts to one’s heirs is typically fairly straightforward. The grantor decides which of his or her heirs to make provisions for, figures out how much they should receive, and names said heirs in his or her estate planning instruments, such as wills and trusts. However, making gifts to heirs with special needs can be […]

Probate law and estate planning are complex concepts. While many people may think they understand how estate planning works, it is far more nuanced than most realize. Estate planning — similar to life insurance — is one of those topics most people instinctively avoid, as it tends to remind them of their own mortality. However, […]

Individuals who have power of attorney — known as “attorneys in fact” or “agents” — often wield an extraordinary amount of power over their principals. This can include both their bodies and their finances, depending upon which type of power of attorney the principal grants to the attorney in fact. With such potentially wide-ranging authority, […]

Life can change quickly. Changes such as marriages and births can result in estate plans becoming outdated and failing to take into account the presence (or absence) of certain heirs, including spouses and children. So what happens if you accidentally omit a spouse or child from your will? Fortunately, the law recognizes that accidents happen […]

If you’re running a small to medium-sized business, it’s likely that you have very specific legal issues that need to be handled by a pro. Usually, small businesses will work with a Springfield business lawyer who has expertise in a variety of areas or specifically focuses on one or two core types of law. Whatever […]