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Having a power of attorney arrangement in place is a smart move for a number of reasons. First, a power of attorney is one of the most flexible estate planning tools available. You may use it to empower your agent to make either medical or financial decisions (or both) on your behalf. Second, you can […]

Individuals who have power of attorney — known as “attorneys in fact” or “agents” — often wield an extraordinary amount of power over their principals. This can include both their bodies and their finances, depending upon which type of power of attorney the principal grants to the attorney in fact. With such potentially wide-ranging authority, […]

A durable financial power of attorney is an important tool in your estate planning toolkit. The word “durable” means your financial power of attorney will continue to be valid even if you become incapable of making financial decisions on your own, providing protection for your financial life in the event of a tragedy.  But if […]

Taking the steps to put together and implement an elder care plan is a good decision no matter how old you are. When you talk with a Branson elder lawyer about elder care planning, they will most likely ask you several questions–including questions related to the following two types of powers of attorney that can […]

While obtaining a simple power of attorney isn’t necessarily difficult to do, it does require consideration of what’s best for you and your family. Working with a knowledgeable Springfield power of attorney elder lawyer is a sound approach for ensuring that all of your goals for obtaining a power of attorney are met and that […]

Consider this scenario: A woman takes over the lives of an older couple. The couple has never met this woman, but she assumed guardianship over the then 80-year-old couple. She took over their home, their finances, their personal property and their independence for more than four years. The couple eventually wins their independence back through […]