How Much Does Estate Planning Cost in Missouri?

If you are considering hiring an estate planning attorney, one question you will ask is “How much does it cost?” Here is a lawyerly answer: “It depends!” Without knowing you and your specific situation, we do not know what tools we need to use to accomplish your goals. Here is some important information on the issue of attorney’s fees at our law firm.

Hourly vs. Flat Rate

That you pay for a lawyer’s time is a misnomer. You are paying for your estate planning lawyer’s expertise, experience, and value they will confer upon you and your family through the services he or she provides. Typically, we are able to flat rate our fees for services provided to you and your family. Flat-rate fees means you know exactly what the cost will be before you decide to move forward with the plan, and you are free to call, email, or come by the office during the process without the worry of getting a surprise bill.

What Is Covered?

During your no-cost initial consultation, we will review exactly what services and documents are covered in the quoted fee and will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process. Regardless of whether you hire us, or use another attorney, knowing the cost of getting your plan in place is important, BUT understanding the firm’s policy regarding the initial funding of your trust (if you need one), the process of making future changes, and the costs involved in hiring that attorney to assist the family in settling your estate when you are deceased are also important considerations when choosing an attorney.

Our Estate Planning Commitment

At Parks & Jones Attorneys at Law, we offer a no-cost initial consultation (usually one meeting, but sometimes it takes two) where we take time to learn about your situation and design the specifics of your estate plan. We understand every situation and individual is different, and our attorneys are committed to creating a plan tailored to each client’s specific needs!

When we know what we can do for you, we are then able to communicate our flat-rate fee to complete your plan. Then you may choose whether or not you want to move forward with the plan. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation. We understand you need the opportunity to meet with us in a pressure-free environment so you can determine if we are the right fit for you and your family. After all, your estate planning attorney is someone you will know and work with for a very long time. Contact us today, toll-free at 877-376-5291 with any questions you may have or to set up your free consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney.