Assisting Seniors Throughout Missouri

As we age, a variety of legal issues come into play that require the foresight and care of an experienced elder lawyer. Issues such as planning for long-term care, choosing retirement plans, and planning for the transfer and settling of your estate are just some of the considerations that must be made as we enter retirement age. For some senior citizens, there are government benefits available that would assuage the financial burden of ensuring these essential care components are provided for in our later years. Accessing these benefits requires meeting a series of qualifications that are best addressed by an experienced Springfield elder lawyer.

Whether you’re a senior citizen with questions about how to proceed through the next phase of your life, or a loved one making arrangements for an elder parent or relative, a Springfield elder lawyer at Parks & Jones can help. Our counsel aims to guide you through these issues with sensitivity and care they deserve. We focus on helping you and your family navigate elder law issues, such as dealing with government agencies, social programs, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Our attorneys can help answer your questions related to Medicare, long-term care and planning, probate and more. 

Our Elder Law Services

Making decisions about end-of-life concerns can bring up a lot of emotions, and cause discord for clients and their families. Sometimes, what a parent may want will be different from what their child had in mind, or a child may feel like they are unable to care for their parent in the manner that they deserve. Hesitation, fear, and anger may be feelings that arise, and our attorneys fortunately have experienced diffusing these emotions and finding solutions that work for everyone involved. 

Regardless of age, income level, or stage in life, we offer a suite of services designed to help our clients take full advantage of the government benefits available to them while additionally making plans that allow our clients to enter this next phase with dignity, compassion and respect. Because navigating elder law issues frequently encompasses a multitude of legal arenas, our clients benefit from our firm’s cross-disciplinary experience in estate planning, succession planning and more. Some of our services include:

Preparing to Meet Your Springfield Elder Lawyer at Parks & Jones

A Parks & Jones Springfield elder lawyer will help you address concerns and streamline solutions for your future needs. In order to ensure that we come up with a comprehensive plan that considers all of the benefits available to you, it’s best to come to the meeting with a sense of the special benefits already available to you – such as veteran or Medicare benefits, information on any current or supplemental insurance policies, social security and retirement benefits and plans, and ideas about how and where you would like to live, and who might care for you in illness. We recommend that family members and loved ones take part in this discussion so everyone feels like they are engaged with the solution. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today.