What Is Elder Law?

Although most of us prefer not to think about it, we’re growing a little older every day. Unfortunately, too many people ignore their advancing age, avoiding consideration of the legal issues which could affect them greatly in their later years. Those issues, often grouped together under the term “elder law,” will affect what happens to your assets while you are alive, your estate after you pass away, your power of attorney if you are disabled, your medical care, advanced directives and more. But what is elder law?

Elder law is an umbrella legal term that houses numerous legal issues affecting the aging population. If you’ve been wondering, “What is elder law?”, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you clear your mind and assemble your future.  We can help you design a plan to protect you and your family from the uncertainty of long-term nursing home costs.

what is elder law

If you’re interested in learning more about elder law and you live in Southwest, MO (including Springfield or Branson), call the attorneys at Parks & Jones. Their experience in elder law will help you protect your estate, health, family, and future, and also avoid taxes and unnecessary complications.

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