Estate Planning in Missouri

Branson and Springfield Estate Planning Attorneys Serving Families, Individuals, and Businesses in Missouri

The attorneys at Parks & Jones, Attorneys at Law will work with you to create and implement an estate plan to protect and provide for you and your family. Smart estate planning must be flexible to account for life’s changes, whether the changes are personal, such as the ability to change or add beneficiaries, or prompted by external circumstances, such as changes in the law. The team at Parks & Jones works to keep clients in control of their assets and financial affairs through building long-term relationships with clients and helping them navigate changes in their families, their finances, and changes in the law over the course of time. This long-term planning approach helps ensure a plan set up today will work the way it should both the day after creation and ten years following.

Why Utilize an Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning is a process of determining WHO will receive your property and assets after your death and WHEN and HOW the transfer will occur. No matter how little or much a person owns every person has an estate; therefore, everyone needs to make a plan for how it will be distributed. This “distribution” takes into account all kinds of factors, including, but not necessarily limited to the age of the beneficiary, the beneficiary’s ability to manage money, the beneficiary’s marital status (and strength of the marriage), the beneficiary’s disability status, the likelihood a beneficiary may have a creditor, etc.

Estate planning is also a matter of providing for yourself and your loved ones should you become disabled. Who is going to determine when you are “disabled”? Who will make financial decisions for you if you cannot handle your property and financial affairs? Who will make your health care decisions? Who has access to your protected medical records and information? Have you considered what will happen to you, your family, and your assets if you have to go to a nursing home?

Ultimately, sound estate planning is about planning for your family’s future. Sixty-percent of Americans are not engaging in any type of estate planning, and we recognize the need to educate people about their estate planning options. As estate planning attorneys, our job is to teach you about the law; your job is to teach us about your family and your assets. Together, we will create and implement an estate plan that protects and provides for you and your family.

Lastly, estate planning should be conducted with an eye towards minimizing or eliminating the costs of tax and probate. In the end, our process for sound estate planning and elder law is concerned with minimizing these expenses while endeavoring to settle the estate as quickly as possible and maintain your family’s privacy. Contact a Springfield estate planning attorney or a Branson estate planning attorney at either of our Missouri offices.